Crawler OTAG 620

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Crawler OTAG 620
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The CRAWLER OTAG 620 has been carefully designed for the expedition class to provide you with safer, more enjoyable, and comfortable travels!

Its aluminum body and unique CRAWLER line give it a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other vehicles in its class. The riveted lightweight aluminum structure of the vehicle provides exceptional durability that ensures uninterrupted travel even on long journeys.

The OTAG 620 boasts a premium appearance, with its electrostatic matte powder paint and concealed riveted structure. Side pop-ups on both sides of the vehicle provide an expanded view and a unique experience of the open air without leaving the interior living space. The vehicle's double-paneled wall structure with additional insulation materials ensures extra heat and sound insulation, while its compact laminate walls and floors with a wood look offer both comfort and style.

Inside the OTAG 620, you will find a range of high-end amenities, including a chrome sink, chrome expandable countertop, 3-burner stove, triplex oven, dishwasher, and washing machine. The spacious living area also features a seating area with an automatic and movable wooden table, premium options, large storage areas, an outdoor shower, and special storage areas for hobby equipment.

Additionally, the vehicle's emergency door on the front of the cabin provides access to the vehicle cabin, allowing for easy passage between the living area and the vehicle cabin without leaving the interior. Overall, the OTAG 620 is a luxurious and comfortable choice for expedition-class travel, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for all passengers.
The OTAG 620 provides a high degree of customization options with its interior layout, which can be tailored to meet individual preferences and needs. This allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home while immersed in nature.

*The CRAWLER OTAG 620 is compatible with truck models that have a chassis length of 4.500 mm - 5.500 mm. For more detailed information about compatibility, please feel free to contact us.

*Please note that the motor vehicles shown in the image are not included in the price. The features and prices mentioned on this page are applicable only to CRAWLER products.

Technical Specifications

Cabinet Length: 650 cm
Cabinet Width: 250 cm
Cabinet Height: 210
Cabinet Weight: 3500 kg
Body: Aluminium

Standard Features
Windows with Flyscreen and Curtain
Sliding LED Stops *
Side Track Lights *
Side Horn Lamps *
Rear Rectangle Reflector
Yellow Reflector
Tag Lights
LED Outdoor Lighting
External Storage Cabinets
Exterior Wardrobe Lightings
Side Opening Navigation Cover
Copmact Laminate Interior Walls
Storages with Electrostatic Powder Coating Painted
Compact Laminate Flooring
Ceramic Based Heat Insulation Coated Ceiling
Compact Laminate Ceiling
Extra Sound and Heat Insulation in the Wall and Inside the Wall
Inner Storage Cabinets
Cabinet Doors Fixing Pistons
Seating Area for 6 People
Seat and Back Cushions
Underarm Wardrobes
Decorative Automatic and Movable Wooden Table
24” Smart TV
Lockable Side Opening Navigation Cover
Bunk Bed (180x79 cm)
Main Bed (195x155 cm)
Storage Cabinets
Mosquito Net and Curtain Window
Mosquito Net and Curtain Sun Roof
Fixed Square Chrome Kitchen Sink
Expandable Chrome Kitchen Countertops
Thetford 3 Burner Stove and Triplex Oven*
Kitchen Pop-up
Chrome Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen Ware Drawers
Under Counter Kitchen Cabinets
Over Counter Kitchen Cabinets
Hot and Cold Adjustable Faucet
Thetford 152L Refrigerator *
Mist Glass Bathroom Door
Laminate Flooring
Thetford Cassette Toilet System*
Folding Sink
Hot & Cold Adjustable Chrome Battery
Concealed Bathroom Compartment
Crawler Smart Panel
Lighting Dimmers
Truma Combi Control Panel
Truma Duo Lever
Push-pull Locked Control Cabinet
Schmid Solar Panel 380w *
Inverter 2000w *
Victron Energy 220 Ah AGM Battery (2 Pcs.) *
Victron Blue Smart Charger (20 A) *
220v Charger Port
Charging Cable
Vehicle Electric Charging System (Cyrx)
USB Charging Ports
12v Power Outlet
LED Lightings
Water Pump (19 L/mn.)
Locked Water Filling Nozzle
Chrome White Water Tank (496 L)
Chrome Grey Tank (290 L)
Black Water Tank (17 L)
Water Drain Valves
Truma Combi Disel 6 (Air and Water Heater System) *
Hot Air Outlet from 6 Points
Truma Duo Control Panel*
Truma Gas Antifreeze *
Truma 4 Gas Valves *
Truma Collision Sensor
Gas Filter *
Gas Regulator
Copper Gas Installation
Ventilated Roof Hex Glass (2 pcs)
Exterior Colors
Upholstery Colors
Optional Products
Crawler OTAG 620

Order Details
Product Price: 156.167,00  EUR
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Total Price: 156.167,00)  EUR