About Us



CRAWLER Caravans is leading and pioneer offroad caravan manufacturer. Since the day it was founded, it continues investments in the fields of human, engineering, product development, production and service network at full speed with the aim of continuous development.

Its European headquarter is located in Göppingen, Germany, as well as its head office and factory in Turkey. It produces trailer caravans, motorhomes, camping modules, search and rescue modules, speacial usage trailers and superstructures that can be used in all terrain, road and weather conditions. All CRAWLER branded products have the design and durability to withstand harsh conditions in order to ensure continuity of use.

With the proud of being the leader and pioneer company producing offroad caravans, CRAWLER continues its R&D and production activities to produce more environmentally friendly, more compact, safer and more capable vehicles by always aiming for the better. More than 100 employees, CRAWLER aims to offer its customers high quality products and an unforgettable experience.

CRAWLER expands its Dealer Network in different countries and delivers its products and services to its customers through more than 20 dealers in 16 countries with the aim of customer satisfaction and its dealer network continues to expand.

The main material of CRAWLER products are aluminum. Rust-resistant, flexible and lightweight structure of aluminum makes CRAWLER products superior to other caravan models in terms of both performance and durability. Thanks to the ground clearance, tire sizes, center of gravity, approach and departure angles of CRAWLER models, it provides a smooth and comfortable trips in all road conditions.

In order not to compromise on quality and continuity, accessories and components from brands that have proven their quality and comply with world standards are used in our products.