Crawler BATU 535i

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Crawler BATU 535i
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Product Price: 74.000,00  EUR
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BATU 535i provides a luxurious and comfortable camping experience with its cutting-edge features that surpass expectations.

BATU 535i boasts an aluminum body and a distinctive double-axle design that offer durability in even the harshest weather conditions, while its lightweight structure ensures a smooth and effortless driving experience.

BATU 535i is equipped with an independent suspension system and BFGoodrich off-road tires that are essential for off-road adventures, providing enhanced safety and enabling easy navigation through challenging terrains.Don't compromise on comfort with BATU 535i's extensive features, including a combi that provides hot water and space heating, a spacious bedroom measuring 205x165 cm, a large 65 lt refrigerator, air conditioning, and a specially designed barbecue for CRAWLER enthusiasts. The seating area, which accommodates four people, includes a movable folding table and easily transformed into two bunk beds measuring 180x70 cm. This feature provides a comfortable living space for up to four people inside the BATU 535i.
BATU 535i also offers a specially designed CRAWLER Dynamic Suspension (C.D.S) option that provides three different levels of use: Camping, road, and off-road mode. The level-adjustable air suspension system ensures that you are in full harmony with nature during your travels.

Additionally, CRAWLER BATU 535 provides ample storage space for all your long trips, so you won't have to compromise on anything you want to bring with you. Moreover, we have not forgotten about outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy cycling, hunting, fishing, mountaineering, and many other nature sports. We have thoughtfully designed special areas in the caravan for you to carry your hobby equipment with ease and care.
Furthermore, the riveted aluminum body design of all CRAWLER models provides limitless personalization options to suit your preferences.

*Please note that the motor vehicles shown in the image are not included in the price. The features and prices mentioned on this page are applicable only to CRAWLER products.

Technical Specifications
Length: 735 cm
Width: 205 cm
Weight: Approx. 1730kg with Standard Features
Maximum weight: 2700 kg 
Height: 291 cm
Body: Aluminium
Chassis: Electro Galvanized Coating
Suspension: Independent Suspension with Double Shock Absorbers, Double Axles
Axle and Wheel: Double axle, four wheel
Wheel/Tyre Size: 285.75.16 Rim: 6x139.7
Coupling: Knott - Brake and Rear Maneuverability (or Equivalent)
Stabilizer: Winterhoff WS3000 (Brake and Rear Maneuverability)

Standard Features
Windows with Flyscreen and Curtain
Toilet/Bathroom External Door
Was Rear LED Lights with Sequential Indicators *
Was Side Marker Lamps *
Was Rear Marker Lamps *
License Plate Lighting Lamp
Exterior Strip Lighting LEDS
Exterior Storage Cabinets
Exterior Storage Cabinets Lighting
Chrome Cylinder Locks
Chrome Cabinet Hinges
Chrome Cabinet Door Stoppers
Side Opening Pop-up Lid
Rear Opening Pop-up Lid
Fixing Stands with Adjustable Height (4 Pcs)
Electrostatic Powder Coating (Cabinet and Interior Walls)
Carpet Covering Over PVC Coating Floor
Ceramic Based Insulation Coating
Arma Flex 18 mm Insulation
Inside Storage Cabinets
Safe Lockers and Door Type Organizers Safe
Chrome Cylinder Storage Locks
Cabinet Doors Fixing Pistons
6 Person Seating Area
Sliding Door with Flyscreen and Curtain
Seat and Back Cushions
Foldable Bunk Bed System
Adjustable Swivel Table
Secondary Bed Area (2-Person Bunk Bed&Sofa) (180 x 70 cm)
Primary Bed Area (205 x 165)
Storage Drawers
Storage Cabinets
Fixed Chrome Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Drawers
Kitchen Cabinets (Under Countertop)
Kitchen Cabinets (Countertop)
Three or Double Burner Stove and Pot Holder
Chrome Kitchen Sink
Hot/Cold Water Faucets
152 Lt Thetford Refrigerator (Or Similar) *
Aluminium External Door
Aluminium Internal Door
Compact Laminate Flooring
Restroom / Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Thetford Cassette Toilet *
Foldable Shower Sink
Shower Head with Hot / Cold Water Faucet
Crawler Smart Panel and Control Box
Victron Energy 220A Gel Battery *
Victron Blue Smart Charger (20 Amper) *
Defa 220v Charger Input Cable and Bag *
Lighting Dimmers
USB Outlets
12v Power Outlet
Bed Area Power Outlets
Interior Lighting LEDS
13 PIN Socket (For Only Europe)
Truma Combi 6 (Air and Water Heater System) *
Heater Outlet from 4 Points
Truma Duo Switch *
Truma LPG Anti-Freeze System *
Truma Double Gas Valve *
Truma Crash Sensor *
Gas Filter
Copper Gas System 8mm
Ceiling Hek Glass with In/Out Ventilation
Water Pump (19 Lt/Min)
Chrome Water Filler Cap
Chrome Fresh Water Tank (136 Lt)
Chrome Grey Water Tank (45 Lt)
Black Water Tank (17 Lt)
Water Drain Valve
* Brands and models may differ depending on the supply status.
**Crawler reserves the right to make changes to product and option features as part of product development efforts.
Exterior Colors
Upholstery Colors
Solar Panel
Optional Products
Crawler BATU 535i

Order Details
Product Price: 74.000,00  EUR
Total VAT : 0,00  EUR
Total Price: 74.000,00)  EUR