Crawler OTAG 620- Man Tgm 18.290 (CC Cabin)

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Crawler OTAG 620- Man Tgm 18.290 (CC Cabin)
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Long caravan journeys are now much more comfortable with the Crawler OTAG 600, which we designed for expedition vehicles.

The L-shaped kitchen of OTAG 600 has all the equipment you would expect from a home.

The 4-person adjustable dining table and sitting group can also turn into a double bed.

The glass panel in the seating area opens completely, creating a beautiful viewing area. While eating your meals, you can enjoy the view to the fullest.

Right opposite the kitchen, there is a table with its own window and storage areas that you can use as an office. A bunk bed option can be added as an option instead of the office area.

The bathroom, which is just as comfortable as a home, has a shower cabin, washbasin area, cassette and electric toilet.

At the rear of the caravan, there is a very large main bed section.

With a coat rack with hangers, drawers of various sizes and storage compartments, there is maximum storage space for long camps.

Having a water tank of 500 Lt, the caravan can meet both the hot water need and the heating need of the caravan with its LPG-powered combi.

OTAG 600 superstructure applied to the MAN TGM 18.290 vehicle can be applied to all 4 × 4 trucks in the same category.

Technical Specifications
Type                    : 4 Climate Superstructure Application
Cabinet Length  : 6000mm
Cabinet Width    : 2500mm

Cabinet Height  : 2050mm

Cabin Weight: 3500 Kg (Standard Equipment)
Total Weight: 9500 Kg
Body: Aluminum
Paint: Electrostatic Powder Coating

Standard Features
Windows with Flyscreen and Curtain
Toilet/Bathroom External Door
Was Rear LED Lights with Sequential Indicators *
Was Side Marker Lamps *
Was Rear Marker Lamps *
Rear Rectangle Reflector
Yellow Reflector
License Plate Lighting Lamp
Exterior Lighting LEDS
Exterior Storage Cabinets
Exterior Storage Cabinets Lighting
Chrome Cylinder Locks
Chrome Cabinet Hinges
Side Pop-up Cover
Sliding Outdoor Kitchen
Double Stoves
Truma Gas Outlet For BBQ Grill *
Plastic Sinks
Electrostatic Powder Coating (Cabinet and Interior Walls)
Compact Laminate Flooring
Ceramic Based Insulation Coating
Inside Storage Cabinets
Cabinet Locked Handles
Cabinet Doors Fixing Pistons
Fabric Hanging Pockets
USB Outlets
12v Power Outlet
Lighting LEDS
Chrome Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Drawers
Kitchen Cabinets (Under Countertop)
Kitchen Cabinets (Countertop)
Thetford 3 Burner Stoves and Triplex Oven *
Fixed Chrome Kitchen Sink
Hot/Cold Water Faucets
152 Lt Thetford Refrigerator *
4 Person Seating Area Seat and Back Cushions
Under Seat Storage Cabinets
Height Adjustable Aluminum Table
24 Inch Smart TV
Side Opening Travel Cover Locks
Secondary Bed Area(195 x 115 cm)
Primary Bed Area (195 x 155 cm)
Storage Drawers
Storage Cabinets
Study Desk
Storage Drawers (Under Desk)
Storage Cabinets (Desk Top)
Foldable Chair
Foldable Bathroom Door
Laminate Flooring
Thetford Cassette Toilet *
Foldable Shower Sink
Chrome Shower Head with Hot / Cold Water Faucet
Shower Head with Hot / Cold Water Faucet
Crawler Smart Panel and Control Box
Schmid Solar Panel 380w *
Invertor 600w *
Victron Energy 220A AGM Battery (2 Pcs.) *
Victron Blue Smart Charger (20 Amper) *
Defa 220v Charger Input *
Cable and Bag
Lighting Dimmers
Car Electrical Charging System (Cyrx)
Truma Combi 6 (Air and Water Heater System) *
Heater Outlet from 6 Points
Truma Duo Switch *
Truma LPG Anti-Freeze System *
Truma Double Gas Valve *
Truma Crash Sensor *
Gas Filter
Copper Gas System 8mm
Ceiling Hek Glass with In/Out Ventilation (2 Pcs.)
Water Pump (19 Lt/Min)
Water Filler Jack
Chrome Fresh Water Tank (496 Lt)
Chrome Grey Water Tank (126 Lt)
Black Water Tank (17 Lt)
Water Drain Valve
* Brands and models may differ depending on the supply status.
**Crawler reserves the right to make changes to product and option features as part of product development efforts.
Exterior Colors
Upholstery Colors
Office / Bunk bed Area
Solar Panel
Optional Products
Crawler OTAG 620- Man Tgm 18.290 (CC Cabin)

Order Details
Product Price: 151.130,00  EUR
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Total Price: 151.130,00)  EUR