Crawler TRC 458

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Crawler TRC 458
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Let there be no path untravelled and no place unexplored!

With the unique off-road capability and features of the CRAWLER TRC458 camper, you have a whole new experience of escaping city life and experiencing nature.

With the aluminum outer body and the independent suspension with oscillating system (Suspension), the model is insensitive to all natural conditions!

The bathroom and kitchen design, which can be used both inside and outside, has created much more usable space.

The pop-up roof offers additional volume or can be used as a second sleeping area.

With a sleeping place for 4 people, the TRC458 camper offers all the comforts of a home for all seasons with its excellent off-road capability and equipment.

Technical Specifications
Length: 458 cm
Width: 190 cm
Weight: 900kg (with Standard Features)
Maximum weight: 2000 kg
Height (Pop-up Open): 240 cm
Height(Pop-up Closed): 360 cm
Body: Aluminium
Chassis: Electro Galvanized Coating
Suspension: Independent Swing Arm, 4 Shock Absorbers
Coupling: Knott - Brake and Rear Maneuverability (or Equivalent)
Single Axle, Double Wheel
Wheel/Tyre Size: 285.75.16 Rim: 6x139.7
Stabiliser: Alko 3004*

Standard Features
Door Flyscreen Zipped Shelves
Double Side Windows with Flyscreen and Curtain
Side Entrance Door
Side Toilet/Bathroom Entrance Door
Rear Kitchen Cover
Fixing Stands with Adjustable Height (4 Pcs)
Expandable Pop-up Roof System with Windows
Chrome Locks
Chrome Door Stoppers
Wide Angled Chrome Hinges
Jerrycan Black (2 Pcs)
WAS Rear LED Lights *
WAS Side Marker Lamps *
Rear Triangle Reflector (2 Pcs) (For Only Europe)
Yellow Reflector (For Only Europe)
Storage Cabinets
Front Gas Bottle and Storage Compartments
Exterior LED Lighting
Electrostatic Powder Coating (Cabinet and Interior Walls)
Ceramic Based Insulation Coating
Fabric Hanging Pockets
Carpet Covering Over PVC Coating Floor
Storage Lockers
Zipped Shelves
Door Flyscreen
Side Door Storage Compartments
4 Connection Pointed Storage Organizer with Belt Secondary Bed Area Ladder
6 Person Seating Area
Seat and Back Cushions
Foldable Internal Table
Primary Bed Area (200 x 160 cm)
Secondary Bed Area (Top Opening 200 x 150 cm)
Interior Lighting LEDS
Kitchen Inside/Outside Accesible
Chrome Kitchen Countertop
Fixed Chrome Kitchen Sink
Double Stoves and Pot Holder
Chrome Water Tap
Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers
Aluminium External Door
Zipped Premium Internal Door
Compact Laminate Flooring
Thetford Cassette Toilet *
Portable Shower Sink
Shower Head
6 Buttons Analog Control Panel
Battery (90A)
Adjustable LED Internal Lighting with Remote Control
Victron Blue Smart Charger (10 A) *
USB Outlets
12v Power Outlet
13 PIN Socket (For Only Europe)
Copper Gas System
Truma Double Gas Valve (Or Similar) *
Water Pump (19 Lt/Min)
Water Level Gauge
Chrome Fresh Water Tank (114 Lt)
Chrome Grey Water Tank (33 Lt)
Black Water Tank (17 Lt)
Chrome Water Filler Cap
Water Drain Valve
* Brands and models may differ depending on the supply status.
**Crawler reserves the right to make changes to product and option features as part of product development efforts.
Exterior Colors
Upholstery Colors
Solar Panel
Optional Products
Crawler TRC 458

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Product Price: 34.086,00  EUR
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