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CRAWLERbeing the first company that manufactures off-road caravans in Turkey, continues increasing its market share also in abroad and introducing local caravan models to the world. Crawler, continuously extending its product range with its growing R&D team and investments, is introducing to the market one more technology which will become a trending topic in the sector after OTAG600 model, having overwhelming impression, which it applied to the expedition vehicles.


In the current automotive sector, hybrid energy resources, biofuels and electric vehicle technologies are preferred instead of internal combustion engines and fossil fuels. We can foresee that by means of these rapidly wide spreading technologies, the fully electrical automobiles will become a dominant player in the market in the future. Crawler also has facilitated its R&D and manufacturing operations related to electric towing caravan in parallel by staying abreast of the order of the day. It is taking firm steps forward in order to become a sector leader in this regard. Crawler, having found a solution for the question “how do the electric automobiles which have come into our life tow a caravan”, offers its new “e-trail” model to the users.




Crawler, breaking new ground, shows its difference once more with its new electric towing caravan model e-trail.


In the recent days that we need the nature and our environment more than ever, Crawler offers a brand new experience for the users of the electric and fuel vehicles to spend time in the nature with its new technology e-trail. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and more cost-effective.


Crawler has aimed at preserving the nature and minimizing its carbon footprint as a company while developing this technology.

accompanies many advantages;


Its major advantage is that it is energy-saving. Decrease in the propelling force of the vehicles towing a trailer can be observed. Such decrease also shortens the battery life of the automobile. However, e-trail, which supplies its own thrust force through its electric system, provides saving in the energy consumption of the vehicle and efficiency in its charging period. Maximum 5% consumption is foreseen with e-trail whereas a normal towing caravan reduces the battery life of the vehicle by approximately 50%. At the same time, it generates additional driving power and increases the land capability of the vehicle. The self-propelling force enables your caravan to have much more resistance to sticking or sinking on the land.


The batteries which Crawler uses in its electric caravan system also correspond to the batteries of the vehicle. It supplies approximately 63 hp with the electric motors on both wheels of the towing caravan.


Crawler, having demonstrated itself with its suspension systems (C.D.S. - Crawler Dynamic Suspension), exhibits its difference also in its new model e-trail. The mover feature that we see in the other towing caravans of Crawler is also available in its electric caravan. This feature which is used for moving your caravan by means of the remote control without being attached to the vehicle still receives a great deal of attention from the users.


Crawler, having innovative solutions also for road holding, applied these solutions also in its electric towing caravan model.


In addition to C.D.S. system, the torque vectoring system also serves for holding the caravan on the road during the drift by the driving power and improves the safety to an upper level.


The battery of the towing caravan can be charged by solar module or external supply as well as it can be automatically charged through regeneration while moving.